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Greetings from the North country

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Greetings from the North country

Hello from the northern  interior of B.C., Canada.  Have been lurking on this forum for a long time and have learned a great deal.  There is a wealth of knowledge and experience, shared with a great deal of kindness and generosity of spirit.  Thank you all.  

As for myself, have been baking since I was 10, for more decades than I care to admit.  Have only been baking with sourdough for a couple of years, though, and enjoy it thoroughly.

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Good morning bakers....I am a new member but have been baking for a few years.  The site is a great resource for new recipes and helpful info.   Part of my job as an historical site interpreter is baking in an early twentieth century wood fired oven.  I meet many people who say, "I always have wanted to try baking bread." and enjoy encouraging them to do so.   This website is one of the resources I share (fortunately, interpreters at this historic site are not "first person")    My own brick oven will be complete in a few weeks.....the pre-fabricated dome is sitting next to the slab, awaiting its base.  I expect I will be learning to bake again at least to some degree.  Thank you in advance to the "Brick oven forum" for your help.          embth


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Hello Salix

Welcome to TFL. There are a lot of helpful, knowledgeable bakers here who can help you with almost any bread baking issue. Many topics have already been debated so try the search bar at the top left of the page. If you can't find and answer to your question using that then feel free to ask. There are a few users from Canada (I'm a far too infrequent visitor from the UK) but many are over in the east, with another group around Vancouver. There are a few others in the "frozen north" with one (I can't remember their name) from Whitehorse and Steelchef from Fort St John.

Happy Baking