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Bakeries in Canada - Monteal, Quebec City, Ontario and Toronto

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Bakeries in Canada - Monteal, Quebec City, Ontario and Toronto

Hi Fresh Loafers,

Barry here from Bath, UK hoping you can help my son who is about to leave for a trip to Canada - specifically Montreal, Quebec City, Ontario and Toronto.  He is also a keen home baker and would like to search out the best bakeries in these cities whilst he is there. 

He would be delighted if someone could pass on some recommendations.  Sorry I'm a bit late asking you all as he leaves tomorrow!

I would be very happy to reciprocate with suggestions for the UK if anyone is visiting.

With kind regards


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Here are some must addresses:

Boulangerie Guillaume - 17 av Fairmount Est -
Mamie Clafoutis - 3609, Saint-Denis -
Premiere Moisson - several locations -
Les Co'Pains D'Abord - several locations - the ovens are on Masson street
La Bête a Pain - Rue Fleury - a bit out of the way - but worth the trip
Le Fromentier - 1375 Avenue Laurier Est (good food district - short street in quaint neighbourhood - worth it!!!)
De Farine et d'eau fraiche - small patisserie - nice what can be done with a tight space -
Fous Desserts - small patisserie - 819 Laurier E.
Cerise sur le gâteau - 107 avenue Fairmount Ouest
Olive & Gourmando - 351 Rue Saint Paul Ouest -



Also, make sure he stops at the two main public markets:

Marché Atwater

Marché Jean-Talon


Streets to walk and shop:

Laurier (there are 2 sections - one is a dozen or so blocks out east - both worth it for food).

St-Laurent Blvd. (From Old Montreal crosses Chinatown, the hip 'MAIN', Portuguese and multi-ethnic areas - the trendy mile-end district and all the way up to Little Italy - a few blocks here and there that are in a void - but very much worth the entire distance on foot - once at Jean Talon Street when walking from Old Montreal - you are a street away from Jean Talon Market).  Plan a whole day and wear good shoes.  A few of the above addresses can be seen along the way.

St-Denis street (between Mont-Royal and Ste-Catherine)

St-Viateur street in the Mile-End has some funky places and the not-t0-be-missed Montreal Bagel (look for the whole in the wall - ask for 6 poppy and 6 sesame - help yourself in the fridge Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon - head for a people watching area (on the corner of St-Viateur and Ave. du Parc) and enjoy!

Another non-bread must stop is Schwartz's Deli (located on St-Laurent Boulevard).  Wait in line if you have to - grab a place - any place - you'll be sharing table with strangers - order a MEDIUM sandwhich (medium refers to the percentage of fat - DO NOT ORDER LEAN! You'll get looked at by everyone. A french fry, a pickle, a cole-slaw and a cherry coke.  Should cost about 12$  - smother your sandwich with mustard yourself.

Montreal is a very safe and friendly city - relax - kick back - and go with the flow.  Avoid WINTERS (mid-November to mid-April).





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Patisserie de la gare on Westminster Ave. near Sherbrooke St.  They do sell some excellent bread there.  I've often bought their miche au levain and it is delicious.

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Hard to go wrong in Montreal or quebec city.  The above list by RossS sounds like a "must see" list - I've visited Montreal a few times and gone to several of those restaurants/areas.  Have fun!

Here's a link to a site that rates restaurants/bakeries/etc in Toronto - and you can use it to search for eateries in any city in Canada.


Have fun!

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Thank you to PaddyL and ros.s - just what he needs.