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A Warm 'Hello' from London, UK

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A Warm 'Hello' from London, UK


Hi bakers

A warm hello from a shivering amateur in London.

I am freezing. Oh British summer, where have you been?

I look forward to participating and learning from my well-informed peers on this great bread-making community.


Sonny :)


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I have some simple tips to make your journey with us more fun:

Practice, practice, practice.  And tell us about your successes and failures so we can all learn from you.

Use the search function when you've got a question.  So many questions have been asked and answered already.  It'll be faster for you.

Seek out all the videos on The Fresh Loaf and Youtube.  They are very helpful.

If you are a reader, start with a simple text (e.g., Dimuzio's Breadbaking) instead of bread cookbooks.  The cookbooks have pretty pictures but are really not for beginners.  That's not to say that pictures don't have their place.

Use this website to find a local home baker who would mentor you.  There's nothing like having someone who knows what's up with textures, measurements, etc., letting you touch and feel dough and show you some moves.



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Welcome, Sonny!

I'm sharing the same shivering last days of summer, just outside London. ;)

best wishes,