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hooch on the bottom?

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hooch on the bottom?

Hi there,

Does anyone have any input on this:  I just started two cultures, one Bahrain and one San Francisco.  They launched just beautifully at first but after checking on them in the fridge for a few days I see that the hooch is on the bottom of the mass not on top!  Also they small a bit "stinky" as opposed to the crisp sour bite that I've experienced in the past when proofing these cultures.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

thanks, Penny


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The bacteria that produces hooch on the bottom and stinks is a bad thing. Without having a stable sourdough culture established, you shouldn't refrigerate a new starter. I have heard of some success by continued feeding at room temperature and gradually the culture will overcome the bad bacteria and become pleasant smelling. Or you could toss it and start over.

Suggested reading would be Debra Wink's Pineapple solution Part 2.