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Greetings from Lisle IL

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Greetings from Lisle IL

Hi, I've been baking bread on and off for years and find there is always new things to learn.  Even though I have had bread making successes I still sometimes hit the wall.  I enjoy making sour dough and  multi-grain breads.  With some guilt, I recently disposed of my  sour dough starter as I'm going to make starter using wild yeast.  I hope to make small loaves of bread that can me consumed by two people as bread storage is a challenge for me.  


My intentions are to read articles  and contribute to this great website.



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Unsolicited advice:  Don't just read the home page.  Use the search function to find answers to your questions before you bother to ask questions of the readers.  You'll find that most of your questions have been asked before.  Also, look at all the videos here and on Youtube.  They're very helpful.  If you like reading, use your library or buy the cookbooks and texts when you're ready.  I always recommend texts over cookbooks because texts give a more comprehensive orderly approach.  If you're ready for a text, check into DiMuzio's Breadbaking.  It's shorter and simpler than the larger ones, like Hamelman's.

Also, when you're ready, please post notes about your successes and failures, both.  We all can learn more from you.

Finally, if you can find a local mentor do so.  There's nothing like having a practiced baker at your side showing you the moves and textures.  This website can help with that.  Just post your interest and where you live.  Somebody local to you might be reading.