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Maui travel with sourdough starter?

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Maui travel with sourdough starter?

Friends -

I'm traveling from Oregon to Maui at the end of this month and will be staying with friends I want to bake for. They've asked for sourdough, and I've seen some hints here for traveling with starter, but does anyone have advice for keeping it alive on a long plane flight?

If anyone has recommendations for bakers or bakeries to visit in Maui, I'd love those too. :-)


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Toneweaver- I doubt the trip to Maui from Oregon is going to take much more than 12 hours (if that), so feeding your starter isn't an issue.  The issue is how to transport it most conveniently (and so TSA doesn't decide it's a liquid that's over the limit in ounces).  It'd feed it before leaving for the airport, but do so using more flour than water, turning it into a stiff starter (maybe 60% hydration).  Put it into a zip lock bag that has room for it to expand, drop it into your carry-on, and you should be good to go.


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Depending on how long you are staying, you might bring dried flakes. Or send them ahead of time to your friends with instructions on how to rehydrate and refresh.

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because, I doubt I'll get time to bake.  

Carry on's will be checked/scanned for more than 3 oz. I'm pretty sure is the limit.  Unless you flying private..'lol'

 I'll be leaving my dried starter for later use, so I thought a dried one would come in handy for vacation times... Or in case, when I'm gone..I thought maybe one of my grandkids might discover it and decide to revive it..'lol'  the thought did occur to me..'lol'.

Have a wonderful time in Maui!


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Use the search function.  Put in "dehydrating your sourdough start".  Works like a charm.

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Rick D

The temperature at 35K feet and in the baggage hold of the plane is cold enough that you could simply feed your starter to a stiff consistency as noted above by Larry, then put it in your checked bag. Pack it with an ice-pack to cool things down while your bag sits in the trunk of your car and on the tarmac at the airport. Just be sure to allow space for it to expand.