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Preparing for a holiday

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Juergen Krauss

Preparing for a holiday

We're packing for our holiday in Wales, and the prospect of having 10 days of Chorleywood bread from the local shop let my wife say:

Juergen, You'll bake the bread, won't you!


This will be my first holiday to take electronic scales, thermometer, dough knife, scoring knife, silicon baking sheets ...

Did I forget anything?




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How about the camera so you can take pictures of the loaves you bake and the setting you are in so all of us NOT on holiday can live vicariously through yours :-)

Have Fun!


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Juergen Krauss

Thanks, Janet,

The camera is already on the "Other List", along with such luxury items like toothbrush, socks, birdwatching books ;-)

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Hi, Juergen.

Here's a list I made for myself prior to my first trip to brother Glenn's get away place. Note: This was made before he started baking bread himself and includes some items necessary for the specific breads I planned on baking. So, the specifics may be less helpful than the categories.

Bread Baking Travel Kit

  • Special flours
    • ⁃  Rye
    • ⁃  Durum flour

Other Ingredients

    • ⁃AP/Rice flour mix
    • ⁃Instant yeast
    • ⁃Sourdough starter
    • ⁃Special ingredients
    • ⁃Sesame seeds
    • ⁃Dehydrated onions?
    • -Poppy seeds? 
    • -Pre-mixed buttermilk pancake dry ingredients?
    • Recipes
    • ⁃  SD Italian bread
    • ⁃  Greek breads (to make with Greek DIL)


    1. ⁃Scale
    2. ⁃Kneading mat
    3. ⁃Thermometer
    4. ⁃Scoring knife
    5. ⁃Super peel
    6. ⁃Bench knifes
    7. ⁃Dough wisks
    8. ⁃Bannetons
    9. ⁃Silicon bowl covers
    10. ⁃Kitchen timer
    11. ⁃Parchment paper
    12. ⁃Stainless Steel Bowl (for covered baking)
    13. -   Baking stone (ship as present for brother)
    14. `   Rolling pin
    15. -   Loaf pans with lava rocks.
    16. -   Couche
    17. -  Silicon spatula
    Well, it's a start.Have a wonderful holiday in Wales!David
    Juergen Krauss's picture
    Juergen Krauss

    What an amazing list, David.

    You must have had a lot of fun and feasting on that holiday! Did this get your brother started?

    We will travel by public transport, I have to think of space and weight. I am contemplating bannetons, and a couple of small bowls.

    The flour (WW, Rye, white) and other ingredients will be delivered by the local supermarket (16 miles away).

    I forgot to put the rye starter and instant yeast on my list above.

    The breads I intend to make are

    1. Mischbrot, German style sourdough bread with 50% rye

    2. Bread with 50% (or less)  wholewheat based on DiMuzio's Pugliese.

    I tried them out on Monday, they are tasty and the process integrates well into a family holiday:

    Preparing the preferment in the morning (15 minutes), having fun all day, having the fun of baking in the evening (2.5 hours).


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    We did have a good time baking. And, by the way, I didn't list the 5 already baked breads I also brought along.

    I think Glenn was intriqued by the baking, but what really got him started was the sourdough starter I left behind. He fed it, and, like when you feed a stray cat, the starter adopted him. The rest is history.


    Juergen Krauss's picture
    Juergen Krauss

    What a lovely story


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    Hi Juergen,

    Have a great holiday! On the basic but essential list I'd probably pack a larger bowl (could be light metal?) and pack other things in it - smaller bowls, spare jumper, whatever....Don't know if you're in cottage accommodation or camping but my experience of renting is even if you go for venues sleeping 9 or 12 they always have teeny-tiny bowls... Also my experience of trying to replace my large Mason-Cash bowl is that large bowls are not on sale everywhere either, although Wales does have some brilliant markets...

    Do you know for sure that the spot you're headed to only has Chorleywood bread? There are some great bakeries in Wales, sgratch/Geraint of TFL works in one for a start! If you are anywhere near Haverfordwest the Welsh Bakery sounds good

    Might be some good stuff in the wilds but hope you have fun baking your own in a scenic setting ;P

    Best wishes, Daisy

    Juergen Krauss's picture
    Juergen Krauss

    Thank you, Daisy.

    We are packed, without bowls, but with a lot of dye-cast cars! I wonder if they help kneading (it wouldn't be the first time ...)

    We are between Druidston and Broadhaven and don't have a car. I know the local shop, it is very basic, and there is no bakery in walking distance.

    Depending on the weather we'll travel around buy bus, and I'll keep my eyes open for the bakery you pointed out.


    Daisy_A's picture

    Hi Juergen,

    Ah - I have the picture now. Yes I'm sure dye cast cars could be put to use! Bon voyage...Daisy

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    Postal Grunt

    How about a laptop computer to store your recipes or to store pictures? At least consider a thumb drive that you can plug into a borrowed computer.

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    Juergen Krauss


    Good thinking -I am contemplating the laptop, but all the formula I use are on Dropbox, I should be able to get them off my phone, if I need more than the above two which I printed out.


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    Hello Juergen,
    Sounds like a lovely holiday; hope you have a great time!
    So many helpful packing suggestions offered here.
    May I suggest taking along a recipe for a Welsh bread, called Bara Brith (I heard it described once as 'way bread'; something to sustain you while travelling, or 'on the way'?  :^)
    Another idea perhaps, to take along a list of local mills/flour sources that might interest you (I think Bacheldre Mill, which Andy often mentions, might be just on the border of England and Wales?).
    Happy travels!
    :^) from breadsong

    Juergen Krauss's picture
    Juergen Krauss

    Hi Breadsong,

    Bara Brith would be the thing to make or take, of course! The link you posted looks very interesting.

    I looked into mills - We are in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. Unfortunately there is no mill nearby we could reach without a car.

    Thank you for your wishes,


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    A few shower caps will be handy as a cover for your dough/container when bulk fermenting/proofing. (You can lend one to your wife if she forgot to take hers for showering, too. :p)

    Have a nice holiday! Look forward to see your photos of your holiday-breads.  ;)



    P.S.  Been to Lighthouse Bakery School today.  They still remembered you.....and your jacket. :p

    Juergen Krauss's picture
    Juergen Krauss

    came back to me, as you might have heard thanks to the great ladies.

    How did the course go?

    We're off now, it might take a while until I answer...

    Happy Baking,