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Rose Levy Beranbaum's "Vanilla Bible"

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Rose Levy Beranbaum's "Vanilla Bible"

I was just reminded of this interesting article written by Rose Levy Beranbaum for Food Arts magazine,
on the subject of vanilla.
The article is available on Rose's blog. Here is the link in case this article is of interest:

:^) from breadsong

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wonderful article on Vanilla, and so much information. I personally love vanilla and use it a lot. I also use Almond extract (the good stuff) and lemon extract in my baking. I bake mainly family recipes, and these three extracts were the main stays of the old days, my grandmother was known for her hot water sponge cake with lemon extract, my mother for hers with almond, and I like to use vanilla and will eat any of them! (NOT good for me, but its comfort food)

I have found that I generally add far more than the tsp suggested in recipes, and when I really want to flavour the baking it goes up to a tablespoon or better! I just love the taste, and real Ice Cream made with real vanilla (not that artificial gunk) is one of my favourite foods. (OF course that's not good for the blood sugar either!)

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Wonderful article.  I found that with my love of pure vanilla and almond extract, I could not keep enough on hand of the vanilla.  I now order 'the good stuff' in 32 oz. far almond smaller bottles are lasting.  I think that is because I use a lot of almond flour, paste and almond nuts in my baking.  I tried making my own once and it just wasn't that good.  I also love and order the vanilla beans.  Like breadsong, when treating ourselves to ice cream, it's homemade..not that healthy but at least better than store and, of coarse vanilla is our favorite.  Come to think of's time to break the sweet's fast : )