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New and looking for Pumpkin Bread made in coffee can

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New and looking for Pumpkin Bread made in coffee can


I am new to the forum and to baking bread. I am reading lessons and looking before I begin. I am sorta of scared as I do not have alot of gear at all. I think 1 small baking pan for bread is all I have. But when I feel I am ready I will start and let everyone know how I made out! I am from PA. USA

I have made pumpkin bread once along time ago but lost the recipe I had. It was the one you made in a metal coffee can. If anyone has it, I would be happy if I could get it again as it was so good and great for Christmas gifts, everyone loved it!

Thank You



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When I started, I thought I needed every fancy pan and piece of equipment. What I have learned is that I only have to look in my cupboard or check the canned goods shelf. I have a number of pyrex and corning ware casserole dishes that are my favorites for bread. Or you can go freeform and just shape the dough into boules and batards on a cookie sheet.

Last Christmas I scoured the cangoods section of the grocery store for the right size "pans" for individual loaves for friends. I bought 12 cans of water chestnuts! Eventually I used them-just opened the cans and froze the waterchestnuts.The cans worked great and I still have them.

My next favorite place to acquire bread pans is at the local thrift store-Goodwill or Salvation Army.A good scrubbing is generally all that's needed.

So take a look around and see what you find right around you.