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Hi from Texas

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Hi from Texas

Hi all! I came across this site months ago when I was researching Horst Bandel bread, looking for tips before I jumped into that project. I did make some, and it wasn't bad (is that ever a good food description?). I'll post some pics if the site allows and I figure out how to do that. I bake bread frequently, I'm currently refreshing a wild yeast levain that I develped a month or two ago. I'll get some bread in the oven tomorrow using that. I used a combination of methods in developing the levain. The basic procedure was from William Alexanders 52 loaves.  I substituted rye flour for the whole wheat in the beginning stages as I think the little yeasties get a better start with the rye than whole wheat. That advice came from the levain technique in Hamelmans Bread. My love of the yeasted loaf (and actually all things pastry) is so great that I recently completed the baking/pastry program at an area culinary school. Three  years of serious baking....heaven.  Anyway, glad to be onboard with other bread bakers. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.

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Welcome to the site. I look forward to seeing your bread work here. There are a couple ways to post images here. Probably the easiest way is to use a hosting site like flicker or Photobucket and use the URL as the image location when you click on the green TV screen on the bar above the text box.