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Loaf Tins

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Loaf Tins

Does anyone know where you can get deep straight sided loaf tins in the UK - more like the ones that are use in  dare I say it, commercial bakeries?  I'm happy with hand shaped loaves but the other half is hankering after a more standard sized sarnie - I guess similar to an 800g Uk loaf. I have various tins, but none of them seems to give the shape I am after.

thanks all.

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Have you tried Silverwood? They make anodised aluminium tins (and a million other baking products) in Birmingham. I use the 2lb loaf tins which are bigger than some other but they do various sizes:

40744 Mini Loaf Pan 4.125 2.125 1.25 10.5 5.4 3.2 179.6
40772 Half-pound (230g) Loaf Pan 7.125 3.875 2.5 18.1 9.8 6.4 1131.1
40782 1lb Loaf Pan 8.25 5 3 21.0 12.7 7.6 2027.9
40712 2lb Loaf Pan 10.75 5.5 3 27.3 14.0 7.6 2906.7
41773 1lb Vpan (Loaf) 7.5 3.75 2.5 19.1 9.5 6.4 1152.2
41703 1.5lb Vpan (Loaf) 9.75 4 2.75 24.8 10.2 7.0 1757.5
41723 2lb Vpan (Loaf) 11.5 4.5 2.75 29.2 11.4 7.0 2332.1
41893 2lb Vpan (Loaf) BROAD 9 5 3 22.9 12.7 7.6 2212.3
41733 3lb Vpan (Loaf) 13.25 5 3 33.7 12.7 7.6 3256.9
41803 3lb Vpan (Loaf) BROAD 10.25 6 4 26.0 15.2 10.2 4031.2
41743 4lb Vpan (Loaf) 14 5.5 4 35.6 14.0 10.2 5047.2
41003 1.5lb Lidded Vpan (Paté) 10.25 4 2.75 26.0 10.2 7.0 1847.6This has the length, width and depth in inches followed by my conversions to cm.The last figure is my calculation of the volume.Richard.
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thanks for this. I do have some of their bakeware already. Sadly I am not trade, so its still a question of mooching around cookshops. Not exactly a hardship.


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I recently saw some in my local TK Maxx, i'm not sure they were commercial grade but they were straight sided. Can't remember the brand... Unfortunately with TK Maxx you never know what a particular branch will have in stock at any one time, but if there's a branch near you why not give it a go.

They also had an awful lot of quality stoneware (Le Creuset, Chasseur, and suchlike) up for sale for 1/3 to 1/2 the Amazon price. Some were with cosmetic chips but all in good nick.

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Thanks. TK Maxx is an excellent place to pick up bargain baking stuff. The only thing is, they quite often only have one of each tin size! However I did buy a massively long baking tray which means I can make impressive Sticca from Jim Lahey's book. I suppose the problem might actually be with my bread rather than my loaf tins!!

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Hi Flesheg,

A couple of the best links I can think of are:

Best wishes


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take a look to see if you have any casserole dishes that are the right shape. I find a rectangular corningware/pyrex is a little wider and taller than a standard loaf tin is perfect for sandwiches and for toast. It actually makes a nice size sandwich slice-like a rectangular hearth size. Or hit the Thrift store to see whats around.

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thanks for the suggestions from everyone. I bought a couple of deep straight sided tins from Bakery Bits (along with a new peel and 3 bannetons just good measure).  I think we can declare this post officially closed now.  Can't wait for it all to arrive....

Happy Baking everyone!


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And I thought a thank you was in order.  My husband is British and we live in the USA.  Getting high sided tins here is impossible, so we are stuck with the low sided ones.  I've looked for a few years and even offered to buy some from a bakery in Australia - but no luck. 

I also went to Bakery Bits and bought two of them.  Such a good price as well!

Interesting to note, I also bought the Thermapen for less than 50 BP, which was SHOCKINGLY FANTASTIC!  You can't get them here in the states for less than $99.. which is a total rip off.  So glad I waited.  They are shipping my order to me in the US and the postage was fairly reasonable.  Thanks for asking this question..

Happy Baking to you too!  Cheers