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Martina Przebinda


I just got a grain mill and would like to start milling my own flour. What grain do i need to get to make a white flour for artisan breads similar to the King Arthur bread four? 

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From their website:

King Arthur’s unbleached, unbromated, bread flour, milled from hard red spring wheat grown chiefly in the Dakotas, is perfect for yeasted baked goods-bread, rolls, pizza, and more.

  • 12.7% protein, a full point higher than other national brands.
  • The higher the protein level, the stronger the rise.
  • Use in recipes calling for bread flour, including bread machine recipes.
  • Super when you're making rye or other whole-grain breads that have trouble rising their highest.
  • 5-pound bag.
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Welcome to the site.  There is a recent discussion of home milling here:

I think that this will help answer your question.