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Shout out from Portland, OR

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Shout out from Portland, OR

Shout out from an IT Geek who spends his days cooking, gardening, and participating in all kinds of shinanigans. Recently I baked some calzones which I made from scratch and the bread was no exception. Since then I've decided to make my own bread and stay away from store purchased for the obvious benefits. My new 6 month old son sits in his chair while I cook, bake, and garden as we talk and explore the different tools, and ingredients necessary. I'm excited about the prospect of learning yet another great craft, and look forward to trying out various breads. There are so many breads out there already I'm certain I'll be busy enough just experiencing the craft of bread making without the need to post my own. Here's to those of us who understand the joy that food brings into the lives of our loved ones, as well as, ourselves. Much love and peace to you all...


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Welcome to TFL!  And congratulations on your little one!

This is a wonderful site for a beginning bread baker.  So many resources, so many helpful people.  Let me just point you to the handbook in the top menu bar and the search box in the upper left corner of the page.  Both will help you in your quest for skills and information.


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Like Paul said, this is a great place to learn what ever you want in the world of baking. This is a friendly place where you don't need to have anything new to report on to post. I do hope you let us know what you are baking and how your son approves.