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I have my mom's kneading board that my dad had made many years ago. I've used it to make Christmas cookies and Easter bread. Well, last year my husband used it to carve the Thanksgiving turkey! I was mortified...anyway...the oiled finish is off and I have no idea what to do to get it back to the way it was. Is it ruined??

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There doesn't need to be a finish on a kneading board other than a little mineral oil from time to time. Unscented mineral oil sold at drug stores and some hardware stores can be wiped on and what ever doesn't soak in in 10 minutes can be wiped off. I find the board offers better resistance when it looks and feels dry. Using my wooden dough board as a cutting board would draw scowls from me. After a party I once discovered my SIL had cut bread with a serrated knife across the grain. She was the same person who drank my 40 year old scotch with coke because she was thirsty. I'm more careful now:>)