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few last batches gone bad

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few last batches gone bad


its a great forum and i learned a lot from it

but lately when i do my french style dough

everything goes well crust is great crackling inside structure is with nice holes taste is very good

but! in two days after baking it goes bad when i open the loaf it is all mushy gluey inside it looks ok until you touch or cut it?

i have no clue what i am doing wrong

after baking i store them in cloth on the kitchen counter is the weather too warm or something

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Mushy/ Gluey?! you mean mushy as in underbaked / raw?

Bad?, as in Rotten / moldy? what is the color of the crumb when that happens?

would you take a picture of the crumb, it'll help with diagnosing your problem.

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it is hard to see, on the last one you can see a bit it becomes wet

and after baking its ok actualy very nice, after a day or so the last two got bad

it gest strong yeasty odour and if you tuch it inside it gets glasy glutionous


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This just sounds and looks like stale bread, possibly in a very humid environment.

Am I missing something?

Bread doesn't stay "good" for much longer than a day or two.

If it's humid, all sorts of microbeasties will call it home in no time, especially mold and yeast.

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yes it is two days since baking

it was stored in cloth on kitchen counter

but it is very hot here at the moment about 33 C

should i store it in fridge or what

thanks for help

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If you're not going to eat it the same day you bake it (or next day), wrap in well after it cools (I use plastic wrap) and put it in the freezer.

Bread freezes well and defrosts quickly.

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If the salt level is too high it maybe attracting moisture from the atmosphere.


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wouldnt say so

they are  less salty than usual supermarket bred