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Brotform in Rome

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Brotform in Rome

Can anyone please tell me where I can find stores in Rome where I can buy Brotforms and other goodies that specialized in bread baking?

My boss is gonna be there for the next week, and I'd really want to help him out with that.

whosinthekitchen's picture

I can't tell you the name but the  hotel staff at the help  desk will be able to direct him.  We found a great resturant supply wharehouse type of place while strollling in Rome.  Great finds.  Had everything.  We returned with an exquisite tea kettle and a crystal salt/pepper/vinegar set.  Luggage space was limited so we stopped there.  Good luck.

HMerlitti's picture

Why would a brotform from Italy be any better/different than what you can get in the US???

And you do not need luggage space. Most places will package and ship what you buy. I my case it was pottery.

Renchiii's picture

If I lived in the US I guess my life would be easier?

And the shipping in Amazon to here is -very- expensive..