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Breads using sausage seasonings.

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Breads using sausage seasonings.

After succeeding in making several successful loaves of Mustard/rye sandwich bead I have pondered on how some of my sausage spices might fit into a pain. If anyone has attempted this, please pass on any experience or advice, (particularly quantities of spice mixtures to be added.) I will definitely be doing this, possibly in a pizza crust or breadsticks to start with. Seems to me that a nice, light Jagdwurst or pepperoni flavour could be a great addition, depending on additions, dips etc served with. I’ll let you know how my experiments turn out.

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I've done this with some savory spice mixes -- and if the mix has salt in it, I just use it instead of the salt called for in the recipe figuring that most of the weight of the spice mix is salt.