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Hello from IL

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Hello from IL

Hello everyone, I love bread. There's nothing better than fresh baked bread, but I'm sure I'm not telling you anything.

Almost all of my bread baking now is done in a bread machine. I have tried sourdough a few times in the past but always managed to kill it. I'm going to try it again soon so hopefully this site will make a difference and I'll be baking in the oven again.

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Welcome to TFL. There's a lot that can be done with a bread machine. Look around and use the search box, there's tons of info here!


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I've learned that using TFL's search function is a great addition to my looking at the Home page every day.  But I also have come to read text books on bread baking (not just bread cook books), because text books present the basic material in an orderly fashion.  I recommend DiMuzio's Breadbaking as a good place to start.  There are much more complicated texts but I liked starting more simply.  I also always try to find videos which allow me so see the techniques I may not understand from words.  Youtubes's full of them, e.g. for how to slash or how to make a gluten window.

But the best technique I've ever used for learning is doing it with someone I like.  Maybe there's someone near you, maybe someone you could find using this site, who'd mentor you?


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Thanks for the welcome. I've been using the search function, it is very helpful.

I've had the book My Bread by Jim Lahey for a while now but haven't tried any recipes from it until now. If all goes well I'll post some pictures here.

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hello, i am new here, i am very happy come here , nice to meet you .

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