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for the love of all things basic

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for the love of all things basic

Hi, I'm new.  New to bread baking as well.  Actually, I've only made two loaves to date.  It was an awesome feeling.  I've been browsing this site looking for a basic sandwich bread but it seems a little overwhelming.  I don't know anything about oven humidity or fermenting yeasts or about various flours.  Is it possible to make a good sandwich bread without knowing all this?  I want something wheaty and that is large and spongy... not dense like the loaves I made.  Basically I want an easy recipe to replace buying store-bought bread and that is soft and delicious for my hard-working hubby.  Any help would be grandly appreciated!  Thank you!


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If you can check Rose Levy Beranbaum's _The Bread Bible_ out of the library, it has an entire chapter of breads exactly of the type you are seeking.

The recipes in TBB may seem a little intimidating on first read, but the good thing about them is if you follow the instructions exactly you are very likely to get a good loaf from your first try.

By the way, don't be put off by some of the posts here - the super experts making them (including me) were mostly just where you are 18 months ago!


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Don't get scared off by the power talk- you certainly can make great sandwich bread with flour and yeast off the grocery store shelf and a dry oven. You'll be unusual if you don't make a few bricks- do you have dogs by any chance? I hear the birds like them too. Timing and dough look and feel are the things you need to get familiar with, but it really isn't rocket science...until you go off the deep end...there are quite a few good books that will hold your hand through the process. As I am still discovering, artisan, sourdough type baking is a whole 'nother world from sandwich type 'straight' dough baking. ( Oh God, please keep me from remarking that about 10% of the population seems to exhibit an innate preference  for gay dough...very colorful with EXCELLENT taste...)

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You callin my Spinach/Tomato/White bread gay?  :-)

I will have you know I have 2 great gobbler uppers of all things bread, good and bad.


and my main gobbler


he was named after me ya know...he just doesnt have any tattoo's


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but I'm an opened-minded girl... and it's a little harsh of you to make me face my indecorous past...*sigh* --what beautiful animals, the best part is they're obviously loved, happy, and well-cared for. Thanks for the treat! You know you made my day! Feel free to tell me ALL about them at my blog!

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There you go usin them big words I gotta look up the meaning to..... :-)

I will take you up on your offer on your blog..


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Hi Ellie,

I'm a newbie to this site and saw your request for a soft ww loaf. This is one from Greg Atkins, a Seattle chef and cookbook writer, and my grandgirls liked it so much they put in an order for two loaves a week. Then they got used to it and I haven't made it for a while. Anyway, it is really easy and doesn't take forever.

Easy Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread 350*, 2 loaves.

2cups warm water

1/4cup brown sugar

2tbspn yeast

3cups ww flour

2cups ap flour (mine took more)

1/4cup vegetable oil

2 tbspn kosher salt


Stir sugar and warm water together, sprinkle on the yeast and leave to soften, then stir to dissolve. Add the ww flour one cup at a time, stir in the oil and salt, add the rest of the flour using hands when it gets too heavy to stir. Knead until springy. Let rise until double, about 1 hour. Grease 2 9"x5" pans, divide dough, shape and place in pans. Let rise until about double, bake for 35 minutes or until it sounds hollow when thumped on the bottom. Cool on rack.


Hope you will try it and that your husband likes it, Annie