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WholeWheat and Chocolate Cherry

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WholeWheat and Chocolate Cherry

Posted a little bit later than intended, but its out there now, my mid-week bake, another attempt at a Honey WholeWheat and a Chocolate Sour Cherry loaves.

I am trying to achieve that lovely soft wholewheat texture you find in American breads – think gourmet WholeFoods and delis type, not the horrible Subway kind that squashes in your hand.


I am quite please with that I got at the end, probably a bit more room to play with the recipe – it didn’t spring in the oven as much as I hoped, but the flavour is very close to what I have in mind.


The other one, Chocolate Sour one was a spur of the moment thing, really. I am not really into chocolate breads, especially not the ones that use cocoa powder, I find them too sweet and not chocolaty enough. I found some lovely Valrhona chocolate in my sweets box and some dried sour cherries in the pantry – why not? Sounds like they go together, lets give it a go.


I do like the chocolate in it, especially after you’ve toasted it and the chocolate goes all soft and melty. Could do with more sour cherries, as the cherry flavour isn’t particularly strong, I just didn’t have any more at hand.


I will be trying both of these recipes again, that’s for sure


Full recipes and more photos on my blog


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Lovely loaves, have you had a chance to try the great TxFarmer's super shreddably soft whole wheat loaves? If not, search on the TFL for them and you might find what you are after when it comes to whole wheat!



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Very nice loaves.  Chocolate seems to be popping up in quite a few of the loaves here lately.... :-)

I will chime in with arlo about txfarmer's soft 100% whole wheat loaves too.  I will also mention Peter Reinhart's book 'Whole Grain Breads'.  I use it all of the time and my loaves turn out very moist,  soft and have great oven spring.  The taste is wonderful too.  Secret is in the long soak time for the whole wheat grains to soften up plus extra water as it is more thirsty than bread flour or  all-purpose flour.

Glad to hear you are safe indoors....