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Baguettes splitting in wrong place

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Baguettes splitting in wrong place


I'm having reall problems with homemade baguettes, I am slashing the top but the bread always splits on the side near the bottom and the slashes never open up properly. I have a proper bakers Lame, and I use this technique

But no matter what I do, different oven temp, wetter or drier dough, the slashes on the top never open properly and the split is on the side near the base.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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It could be that your baguette seams (the non-smooth pinched dough area) are not properly at the bottom where they should. Seams are weak points in any baking dough, and by properly making sure they are at the bottom, your slashes at the top are most likely to open up.

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The "side" they are splitting on is probably supposed to be the bottom, but it probably really shouldn't be splitting there even so. The slashes should be the weakest point and your baguettes should be splitting there.

Look at your forming method. I would guess that the seam is not well sealed. If it is not well sealed but it is on the bottom, the weight of the dough may help keep gases from escaping via the seam so they can escape through your slashes.

Throughout the shaping process, and any rest periods, make sure that the bottom is always the bottom, and the top is always the top. Sometimes, faulty shaping may result in several seams, that's a way to avoid that.

In your rough shaping, (before you start rolling them into baguettes) make sure you are well sealing the folds (or rolls, or whatever technique you use). You will likely always see a bit of a seam. That is the bottom, and keep it as the bottom.