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whole grain (rye) SD bread

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whole grain (rye) SD bread

This is my first attempt on making a SD bread with rye.

can someone help me with the bakers percentage?

It contains: (2 loaves or 3 medium ones)

500 g wather

400 g rye

500 g AP flour

500 g SD (on rye - used my regular as I do not care)

40 g salt

(and some sirup/oil)

The dough was wery wet - is there any trick on handeling this kind of dough? I use my scraper tool, but think its har to shape the dough.

I kept it in the fridge overnight - allthought the recipe said otherwise - and it turned out great anyways. I made a SandF before going to bed in order to degas the dough. In the morning the lid was popped and i did a SandF again.



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A lovely lofty loaf with a nice open crumb for what is essentially a 44% rye loaf.  For the best advice on rye check out Mini's Favorite Rye thread.


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Moma,  I typed your numbers into a spreadsheet.   I assumed that you had a 100% hydration starter - i.e. equal water and flour weights in your starter.   Using that total your flour and water by adding what you put in the final dough and what is in the starter.   T0 compute baker's percentage take each total number and divide by the total amount of flour including starter flour - in this case 750+400=1150.   So your numbers here are fine except the salt which should be around 2%.   Your hydration is 65% (or less if you have a drier starter) which shouldn't be so wet, so perhaps you actually added more water than this or your starter was quite wet, or you added a fair amount of oil? 

Rye400 40035%
salt40 403.5%
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I think - in heinsight - I put in too much water. The sirup/oil was max. 1 tablespoon each.

Actually I do not know the hydration of the starter. I didn't learn about this before I found TFL, so I just added some flor and water :) Its consistency is like a thick batter which do not move very fast when i tilt the jar.