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Two very fluffy loaves

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Two very fluffy loaves

Today I baked for my daughters nursery group. Two of the most perfect fluffy and light loaves.

I made the dough yeasterday at 1300 and put it in the fridge ( in a glass blow with a lid on) this morning i heard the top blow off and I knocked down the dough. At midday I cut the dough in half and shaped it.

Im pretty satisfied with the spring of the bread, as this is by far the most succesfull attempt I have made! I can now see why it is important to handle the SD easy in order not to deflate it.

the crumb is soft. Very suitable for toddlers with only a few teeth :)


edit: bread is made from wheat flour, whole wheat, SD, salt, dollop of sirup/oil, salt and water. (and sesam seeds)


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Lovely looking bread, moma.  I am sure the young 'uns loved it. :)


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That's beautiful bread.  Fantastic rise, you must have great starter.  Mine hasn't blown the top off anything.... : (

But still enjoy the bake.  : )