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Greeting from a new member in Denmark

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Greeting from a new member in Denmark

Hello from the island of Funen. I've been trying to bake the perfect loaf for at least 50 years now.  I make all the bread for the family, and each new loaf is a little different from the others. At present the freezer is stocked with sour dough whole wheat with potato, and a sour dough spelt bread. Experimenting with spelt I learned that it also makes wonderful pancakes, as well as bread, try it!  Look forward to taking part in this group.


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Hey Douglas!

Welcome to TFL! 50 years of experience in achieving the perfect loaf, I'm going to jump right on top of you and claim all your tips and tricks!

I'm sure you are going to love it here.

Love to hear more about your baking

Greets from Amsterdam


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And welcome to TFL!  Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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Hej Douglas

Dejligt med en fellow TFL'er-  og tilmed også fra Fyn ;)