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Hello from Vancouver!

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Hello from Vancouver!

Hi everyone - I just started baking bread last week and have only baked two loaves so far, but I'm instantly addicted! I've always liked cooking but have never considered trying my hand at baking. I was surprised at how simple and rewarding the process is. The first loaf I baked was a simple white bread, and the second was a multigrain recipe. I'm baking them in loaf pans in a conventional oven, and they both turned out quite well. I'm looking forward to learning more about the subtlties of baking bread, and talking to some knowledgable bakers :)

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Welcome to the Fresh Loaf.   Dorota and Floyd Mann have done a wonderful job of maintaining this site.  All polite and pertinent questions and comments are welcome.


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Hello and welcome from a fellow BC-er.
I hope you have lots of fun and success baking bread!
:^) from breadsong