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what to do with bench flour? what can I use it for?

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bread basket

what to do with bench flour? what can I use it for?

Hi, what does one do with accumulated bench flour? Considering the price of flour, could I use it to feed my starter or use it in another batch of dough? I use it very sparingly but there is always some left on the bench. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Love this community!

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I use a condiment shaker like this:

to sprinkle bench flour for baking, so when I'm done, I use a brush/dustpan to collect what's left and just pour it back into the container.  I use that brush/dustpan only for this application (lest I get it dirty with other stuff that ends up in the shaker).

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I always just strain it out with a fine sieve and then reuse as bench flour.

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bread basket

Thank you guys for your answer. I learned that sieving is important.

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As long as it's just flour (no bits of salt, spice, etc) I use it in my next batch of bread and use new flour for my workbench. That way I know the bench flour is always fresh.

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I don't use bench flour, but if I did, I would feed it to my starter.