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Jmonkey's Yeasted WW Sandwich bread

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Jmonkey's Yeasted WW Sandwich bread

When looking for another recipe a couple weeks ago, this recipe constantly popped up.  I printed it off while in Houston last week, made one minor change, and had the world's most perfect sandwich bread IMHO.  Left the printout with my sister so she could bake it, and came home.

I've spent ### too many hours searching for it today, lots of posts telling me what to search for, but no links.  No luck with these suggestions, either, so I'm throwing myself on the mercy of the fine, caring, brilliant members of TFL (not to mention Jmonkey himself) to show this very nonstellar searcher the error of her ways and provide the recipe.  Have I groveled enough yet?  I'd happily grovel more for the recipe.

The initial thing that struck me about this recipe was that it was in cups/spoons measure, which is great for me since I don't have a scale yet, and that the white flour was AP instead of bread flour.



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The recipe I'm looking for didn't use dairy.  It made one loaf , and I recall that the intro he wrote said that it also had similarities to Laurel Robertson's recipe.  I am going to call my sister and have her scan and email a copy to me, but I've had a couple of requests for a link to the recipe.

(Gifting you a loaf for the effort...)


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Is it this one?  He mentions Laurel in it but it is a desem loaf...not IY.

When you do find the correct formula I am curious - please let us know :-)