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Heya from Nashville

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Old Tom

Heya from Nashville


Stumbled on this site this morning when, after almost 10 years, I got the urge to begin baking again. 

My first foray into home baking was back in the 90's. My now worn but trusty Clayton's Complete Book of Breads got me through grad school. But then life interferred - move to NYC and a truly semi-functioning kitchen, another move, kids, house, etc.

Now I'm typing this as KAF Country French bread is rising. Planning on baking it on the grill/stone. Its too hot to bake it inside as its well into the 90's and very humid today.


Quick question, should I plan to add a pan/ice for steam on my grill? I've got a four burner and my stone leaves some space on each side. I had thought to add an old pan and add ice as I slide the loaf off the peel onto the stone, then close the lid on the grill.


Cheers and looking forward to catching up on what looks to be a great community of home bakers.

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Hi, Old Tom.  Welcome to TFL.

In Nashville, wouldn't that be called "Country and Western Bread"?  Just asking?

I don't bake on a grill, but putting some moisture in there would make sense to me.  I think the way folks usually do that is with a spray bottle, spritzing at the beginning of the bake and a couple times again in the first few minutes.

Good luck.


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Old Tom

Thanks for the welcome, Glenn.

The grill performed well. My large stone fits it so well. I had space for an old loaf pan. The added ice did the trick nicely. The crust turned out crisp and crunchy. But despite that bit of success, I encountered a couple of issues. I need to learn my grill's temperature controls better as I had the heat a bit too high. Also yesterday was a hugely humid day so I didn't get the lift I would have liked. But all in all a good country loaf.

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Use the search function on the home page to read all about the many ways home bakers can make steam.  It's always a good idea to add steam when making certain loaves.  Try various methods until one works for you.  Experiment!  Then tell us what you discovered that works for you.

On a grill you might consider using a heavy duty metal pan filled with the ceramic coals used in gas grills.  Get them hot before you start baking.  Add water over them before you close the hood. 

I'm not sure I'd put the bread over direct heat.  You'd probably burn the bottom crust, don't you think?  If you can, push your coals, over to one side and bake on the other.  Put your "ice tray" or whatever steam producer on the other side.  Or was that too obvious?