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intro from SLOAN

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intro from SLOAN

Hello I'm SLOAN,


I love food and I enjoy seems I am too kind for the food industry but I have been hired to set up restaurants and kitchens from Miami to Los Angeles as well as having every job from exec chef to valet. That being my 4th career ( i am a combat veteran and former

federal officer holding security clearances in nuclear and space technology positions)

I am passionate(serious) about everything ; even my humor.

I am studying baking now as that is my weak area but I have made a good pizza and I make the BEST Cheesecake.

Before my wife died, her family-which was mostly women in Venezuela-kidnapped me upon every visit there to

produce this miracle before I could go to beaches where most humans never set foot on.

I am saddened by the state of Genetic Modification and the difficulty in finding good food ingredients that have

not been mineral/nutrient reduced. I do not condone "under the table" hiring of workers and the stratification

of staffing where kitchen and front house employees are always at eachothers' throats...


Thanks for allowing me to be here to LEARN from YOU.

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Learning the baking of breads is my hobby, too.  I've been at it since college; now I have three grandchildren.  For the first many, many years I taught myself.  Then, when I realized that French bread techniques were entirely different from Northern European breads (those latter have a cake-like crumb), I took a class that opened my eyes.  I learned there how to handle doughs with MUCH more water in them.  If asked, I'd say that knowing your learning style and practicing a lot, making mistakes and learning from them, and always turning to this forum and textbooks (try DiMuzio's Breadbaking, for one) for advice.  Also, its important to remember that you can see other bakers working on Youtube.  And also, if you can find one, get a close relationship going with a local breadbaker.  Ask in this forum for someone more local to you who'd be willing to do it.  Watch his/her hands.

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Thank You,

we all know about youtube....that's possible.

as I am in Los Angeles right now...there isnt anything "local" it's all corporate-so we cannot trust them.

i exclusively work with french bread recipes...I think the oven and the yeast is the issue.