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Floyd's Lesson #1

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March 30, 2007 - 8:30am -- jthiessen

So, I am a newbie to this site, and to baking artisan breads.  I realized I was getting a bit ahead of myself by trying to bake more difficult styles. Then I decided I should go through the lessons on this site.

This was the result of following Floyd's lesson #1.  And I liked what I found.....A LOT!

The cool thing about this is that you can start with the basics and build on it.  With each loaf you bake, you understand a bit more how flour and yeast work.  Then you always have a base case to fall back on.  Now I know I can always produce this loaf when I want to bake.

Thanks, Floyd!

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Submitted by Floydm on

Definitely the "get a handle on the fundamentals, then build on it" approach was what I was shooting for, so I'm glad to hear it is working for you.

Your bread looks great!

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Submitted by ehanner on

You hit it on the head Jthiessen, this is a place to start the process. Many of us that visit this site started with little or no understanding of how to make great artisan breads. Floyd has done a wonderful thing by giving us a forum that promotes sharing of ideas and helping others discover what is within your reach. Your bread looks great and I'd bet it tastes great too.

One thing I learned here is that with the same 4 ingredients a dozen bakers can all make something distinctly different. It's all in how you handle the dough. Check out this video clip from Julia Childs when she had Danielle Forester on making Baguettes the French way. This video was a turning point point for me in understanding dough. Every time I watch it I learn something more. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your results here.


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Submitted by jthiessen on

That video was great.  In fact, I really think it helps to be able to access media like that to see how its done.  I would never have learned as much by READING about slapping the dough on the bench, as opposed to WATCHING it.

Are there other videos on this site, or linked from this site, that I can watch?

Thanks, Eric

By the way, I couldnt help but notice Julia attacking that bread like a dog to a bone toward the end of the clip.  God Bless Her! I would have done the same.

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Submitted by Susan on

That particular segment was a riot, in between the slapping and Julia tearing into that loaf! Yes, there are lots of videos there.


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Submitted by jthiessen on

I'm laughing out loud right now thinking about it.

How about on this site? Other video clips here?

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Submitted by jthiessen on


I have now watched that video clip over and over.  So tonight I decided to bake the bread just like they did.  Though the loaves will not win any beauty contests, they taste good.  And darned if I didn't slap that dough on the bench like 800 times!!! Really!  But I am not sure if it made a difference.

Also, I did not get any big holes like they did.  How did they do it?

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Submitted by Thegreenbaker on

That bread looks fantastic!!


good on you :)





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Submitted by chuppy on


I love it when people post pictures of thier bread. Keep up the great work and let us know about your future endevours please. And yes I also agree this sight is helping atune my breadbaking skills DAILY!!


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Submitted by Paddyscake on

and makes you feel so good too!! Nothing better than an addiction that gives you a natural high!!