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cake top

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cake top

hi to all of u, i am newbie here. i got question that i have standard gas oven without fan. it has two element top n bottom . when ever i bake cake its done but always without any color on the top. can i use top element (on low heat) at the same time i use bottom for  baking cake? plz give me some tips how to get perfect colour on the cake top. 

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no answer from anyone...

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Here are some ideas to consider in your quest for an evenly baked cake:

1. The temperature inside the oven may not match the temperature you selected.  Many ovens are cooler or hotter than the selected temperature.  Some can be as much as 25C or 50F different!  You may want to buy an inexpensive oven thermometer to see how accurate your oven's temperature is.

2. The heat within an oven is often uneven.  Some spots may be hotter than others.  Try baking the cakes in different locations; if you have been using a lower shelf, try using a higher shelf.  If the pans have been toward the front of the oven, try placing them toward the back of the oven. 

3. If you oven controls will permit you to bake with both the top and the bottom elements at the same time, experiment with that setting.  You may find that the extra heat from above helps brown the top of the cake.

4. If all else fails, read the owner's manual for your oven.  Many manuals suggest the best way to use the oven for preparing various foods.  Or you could contact the oven's manufacturer.  They probably have a customer support office that could offer additional insights.

I hope this helps.

Please remember that an on-line community like The Fresh Loaf does not maintain a staff of consultants who respond to queries.  Instead, ordinary people like you and I post our comments and questions.  Then other ordinary people like you and I read the posts and, maybe, respond.  So, you might get a response in 5 minutes or you might get a response in a day or two.