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Same old problem, so same question

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Same old problem, so same question

Please, please some one tell me why  I am getting flying crust again, I have been making bread of various kinds for years and years, then one in a while I get this ugly flying crust.  what am I doing to cause it.

 I cut into a new loaf a couple days ago and there it was the whole top, so I just pulled the whole top crust off. help...    qahtan

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Two potential causes: inadequate gluten development and over proofing.
Try more mixing, perhaps a few stretch and folds, shortened fermentation time (volume expansion should be between 2x and 2.5x), and bench proof for only 10 to 20 min before oven entry.

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Air pockets (blisters) on the crust of pan breads can result from:
1. Over mixed dough
2. Too slack dough
3. Improper molding
4. Too much steam in the proof box
5. Rough handling at the oven
6. Too much top heat in the oven


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What do you mean by flying crust?