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Unlikely question about an old Wooden Dough Bowl

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Unlikely question about an old Wooden Dough Bowl

This is my first post to the forums and with a slightly awkward question. My girfriend's new kitten has peed in my old wooden dough bowl.  Should I now consider the bowl a nice looking but slightly smelly decorative piece or is there anyway that I could salvage this as a functional piece of baking equipment. Thanks all.

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My cat did the same thing. The bowl wasn't salvagable for futher bread baking. The wood absorbs the liquid, and that's that. That's one of the reasons you shouldn't ever use soap on a wooden bowl. The bowl absorbs the soap and fragrances and they don't come out. I made my bowl into a planter.

I got a replacement bowl. I keep it on the counter ALWAYS upside-down so no one is tempted with a repeat performance.

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Mini Oven

Pour out.  Sprinkle table salt on the wet wood covering the surface with a 1/4 inch layer of salt.  Allow to cool and dry for at least a day.  Park it in the sun. Discard the dry salt and rinse well.   Wait a few days.  Repeat if needed.  Dry and oil the bowl.   The heat opens the pores and the salt draws out the water and minerals trapping it in the salt.    

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our cat lives outside...:)


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Just out of interest, what's the problem? I mean, can you actually smell the cat pee in your finished bread? Or are you worried about diseases? If you can smell the pee then maybe Mini's suggestion is worth a try. If not, well, go ahead and use the bowl.