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Today's regular bread

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Today's regular bread


Here is today's bake.   It is a 90% KA bread flour, 5% sifted whole wheat, 5% rye bread, all naturally leavened.   The total dough weight was 775 grams at an overall 68% hydration.

I keep my starter at 125% hydration using KA AP flour. 

I used 54% of the flour for the bread as a preferment at 125% hydration (I used all of the wheat+rye and the rest white).   I put this in the cooler at 42F for about 12 hours, then let it complete its fermenting at room temp (took about 3 hours).   Then, I mixed the remaining white flour, salt, and that's it.  Did not need to add any additional water.   I did a bulk ferment for 90 mins, shaped, then a final ferment for about an hour.   I was watching the dough, not the clock, but I may have underproved it a little ...   but that's OK.   

Tastes great!

Here's the pictures.






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and looking so tasty !   wtg :)