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Fellow NYC Bakers

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Fellow NYC Bakers

Just curious if anyone out there knows of any places that sell quality flours for a reasonable price or possibly a place where I can buy flour in bulk. 25lb or more at more of a discount. I have yet to find any reasonable rye flours. 



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Home Baker

Organic Rye Bread Flour Blend, 25 lbs.: $29.91 ($1.20 / lb), free shipping

Local Wal Mart and Kroger stores seem to be in a bit of price war on bread flours. Lately I've gotten Bob's Red Mill all purpose 100% hard red winter wheat for $2.99/5 lbs., King Arthur AP/bread/ whole wheat for $3.42/5 lbs. Wal Mart has Wheat Montana 'Bronze Chief' hard or soft red spring (not winter) wheat berries for $12.50/25 lbs.

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I know of three places you might be able to buy in bulk.

And one I found just yesterday:

I did see that you could buy 20 or 55 lb bags of flour from Forno Bravo and Brickovenbakers. I don't recall about though.

As far as their prices go, they seemed reasonable, but I'm not sure if they'd give any volume discount.

I hope that helps.

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Baker Frank

As a member of the Park Slope Food Coop I can state clearly that we carry some of the best flour available anyplace.

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louie brown

how to obtain them?

I've mentioned before that certain of the Health Nuts stores carry a good selection of flours, albeit in small bags. Also, Eataly on 23rd Street has a nice little selection, also in small bags. The big bags are there, though. Maybe if you speak nicely to the baker he'll sell you some.

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In my town, the co-ops have good flours in their bulk sections -- usually organic, always much less expensive than packaged flours. And they are willing to order full bags (25-50#) if you want them.