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Crusty Bread....

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Crusty Bread....

I am extremely new to breadmaking, i have only made the loaves in the Lessons, and the Challah bread this past weekend. all of them turned out great. This weekend i am making a Boozy Campfire Cheese (Brie & Brandy), that is to be served with a "crusty bread" and they provide several examples...pain au levain, baguette, or sourdough

i have perused these recipes and it appears i am too late to start anything like this as i have to have a levain(sp?) which takes several days, i only have two :(. I was wondering if anyone out there could provide a recipe or a link or even just a suggestion for a type of bread you think might work well for this recipe that i can do by Saturday....

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Check the poolish baguette recipe in section III of the "Handbook" link (right next to the Lessons link).  Sounds like the kind of bread your after and doesn't need a sourdough starter.  The poolish needs to be started the night before the bake, but it sounds like you have enough time for that.


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perfect! thank you, i will try....

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would be direct dough French bread or baguette.  Not needing a starter or poolish or pate fermente, the whole thing can be made in about 3 1/2 hours.  Recipe in BH&G basic cookbook.  I'd omit the egg white wash, however.