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Hello from Vancouver

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Hello from Vancouver

Hi hi from Vancouver, British Columbia!

My family and I are spending the remainder of summer up here, with me telecommuting back to the office a few days a week.  

There is a ton to see and do here.  Bakeries are, of course, on my hit list.  I've already sampled a fair share.  I visited Siegel's Bagels our first morning here. 

Their bagels are so, so good.

Terra Breads are quite good and easy to find in the local grocery store and on Granville Island.  I hit Mix: the Bakery this morning (beware, music on the website) and tried their scones, which were heavenly. The flat bread selection at the local market is amazing, too: pita bread, naan, taftoon bread, and other flat breads I've never seen or heard of before.   Many more photos and posts from up here as I get out and explore the city.



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First time I heard of Siegals, the website makes everything look quite tasty though. Also the pic of the bagel pile-up you posted is excellent! The Mix's bread selection looks very appetizing too! What scone rocked your world Floyd?

Look forward to more!

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I tried the cranberry and the ginger current scones.  They were both super buttery and flaky.  

Seigal's bagels are excellent.  They have a stall in the Granville Island market too. 

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Enjoy your holiday and family time :-) 

Nice view of the mountains and Vancouver in the background...I went to school in Vancouver when I was 15.  What I remember is RAIN which is what it did and then I was gone for my summer holiday when the sun came out...Glad you have the sun!  It is a very pretty city and the area surrounding it is really nice too.

Take Care,


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We live in Oregon, so rainy gray days are nothing new to us.  

Vancouver is indeed beautiful. We haven't yet but do hope to get out and see some of the surrounding country.


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Hello Floyd,
Hope you and your family have a wonderful summer in Vancouver, and that the gorgeous weather we're having so far this week holds.
Thanks for posting about Vancouver-area bakeries...I just checked out the MIX website and the baked goods, and preserves!, sound amazing. Must! stop by there the next time I'm in the city.
If you head over to Victoria, don't forget about fol epi!
:^) from breadsong

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Absolutely, will do if we make it there.


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Since you're in Vancouver, B.C., may I make a bakery recommendation?  You might want to try Transilvania Peasant Bakery.  It's a one man operation, and I heard the owner makes some pretty darn good rye breads there. 


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Thanks. I definitely will be checking it out.  

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I recall you were trying to recreate some dreamy scones you had up in Victoria, BC earlier this year.  Did you ever crack the case on those? Vancouver is my favorite city in North America. When I was flying, we used to try a different Chinese restaurant every trip, of which there more than many.

Added: The Terra Bakery looks like a great place. Great cafe selections.


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This is about as close as I got.  

They are definitely yeasted rather than quick breads.  

The Mix scones are more traditional unyeasted scones.

Very very good.

We've been to 4 sushi restaurants so far.  I recently heard there are over 270 sushi joints in Vancouver.  And, yes, tons of Chinese restaurtants too, in all of the different regional styles.  We haven't gotten to any of those, yet.



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Enjoy your stay! Very beautiful this time of year.  Lots to see and do.  Don't forget a trip to Whistler.  Take home a bag of Rodgers unbleached bread flour from Costco.  You'll be hooked.


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Ha!  I'm actually heading out the door to go to Whistler in about 5 minutes. :)

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It must be you who brought us the sunshine a few days ago ;)

I'm local and I haven't even tried the scone at MIX...ok, it'll be on my to do list.

If you fancy, you might want to stop by one of the Hong Kong style bakeries.  They make some wonderful Asian style baked goods.  For example, check out the Anna's Cake House (they carry quite a varieties of bread as well)


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If you're looking for a (culinary) excursion, come to Salt Spring for a day to three. I highly recommend the Salt Spring Island Bread Co. - wood fired oven, organic artisan breads. And Salt Spring Cheese is close by with some pretty amazing goat cheese. There's a number of other very good bakers too, mostly selling on the Saturday Market and from road stands.

Oh, and a flour mill too.

Let me know if you want more info  :)

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Yes, a long weekend Nanaimo-Salt Spring Island-Victoria trip is on our to-do list.   I've heard nothing but good things about Salt Spring.


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On Lonsdale street in North Vancouver, haven't been there in years, but they had the best Eccles cakes ever, and not those ones with puff pastry and tons of sugar, just the bready ones that look like the sultana crackers we used to be able to get, both of these my favourites, in England the sultana crackers are called Garibaldi biscuits.

I think it was a German run bakery as my brother said he applied one time, to work there but they wanted someone who spoke fluent German, but they had all sorts of breads, that I didn't pay attention to, and pastries that I haven't seen in years. But I remember those Eccles cakes fondly.

It was on a street corner, facing Lonsdale and right at the top of the hill mostly.

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Thanks for the tip.  I've not been over to Lonsdale or North Van on this trip yet but I'm hoping to get there soon, maybe this weekend.  If so I'll keep an eye out for it.

Mix on 10th has been my go-to bakery since it is very close to where we are staying and so good.  There and Siegal's Bagels.  I've been to other places like Solly's Bagelry and Baguette & Co on Broadway or Pane e Fromaggio and Patisserie Bordeaux on 10th and they are all very good, but Mix + Siegals are hard to top.