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Help on crispy crust

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Help on crispy crust


I've been at baking bread for some time now. I've been sticking to Peter Reinhart's books for learning, and I think I've progressed pretty well. However, I'm dying to make a kind of white bread that I've simply not been able to make or find out how to. The particular bread I'm trying to figure out how to make is a bread used here in Denmark primarily as a breakfast loaf. I'm pretty sure one would characterize it as being an italian loaf, but I'm not sure about that either.

The loaf is characterized by having a very thin, very crispy crust. When cut, larger flakes will typically seperate from the loaf due to the very crackly crust. I haven't been able to find anyone on here or elsewhere that've asked for assistance on this particular type of bread, so I'm guessing it's not very popular in other countries.

This image probably represents what I'm looking for best, but not exactly (the loaves here are typically sprinkled with flour and doesn't look exactly like in the picture). However, you can probably imagine the crispyness from the picure and the large flakes that I tried to describe. I should also note that the crust does not go soft when cold. It stays crispy for a pretty long time.

If anyone has any idea as to how this is achieved, I'd appreciate any input.

P.S. I've tried to contact bakeries here in Denmark that I know makes these kinds of breads, but to no avail (I knew it was a long-shot to have them give me their recipe :)). Thanks guys,

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Some discussions here on TFL as well.   For instance:

Wish you success !!



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Mini Oven

One using yeast, water (no milk) egg white and half AP and bread flour and diastatic malt make a loaf instead of rolls.  Use lots of steam and a hot oven.  Release the steam after 10 minutes and finish the bake at a lower temp until done. I'm guessing it's not very popular in other countries.

ha!  Very popular indeed!   We have it here too in Austria.  If you want the dusty look, don't spray it with water or dip into milk before baking.  Roll into flour.

Norm's Kaiser roll recipe comes to mind.  (Metric)  (Ounces)  A low hydration white wheat dough.  I like to pull an overnight autolysis on the flour and water adding the rest of the ingredients several hours before I want to bake.  It brings out the flavours hidden in the flour.  LINK

Start with a baguette recipe and just make it larger.  For a finer crumb degas the dough twice before shaping.