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Hello from Utah

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Hello from Utah

My wife, from Argentina/Chile, asked for an Horno de Barrow (literal translation - mud oven) so she would feel a little more at home since they are common in Argentina. Being a remodeler, I figured I was probably capable of the taks. I recently completed the project and we are now looking for cooking and baking ideas and came across this site and we are looking forward to trying some of the recipies.


I'm not much of a tech geek but I will try and get some photos of our WFO up sometime soon as well as some of the baking results from it.


'Till next time,




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Welcome to the site Tom. There are quite a few WFO oven bakers here and I'm sure you will find plenty of help and advice if you post a question. I'm looking forward to seeing your work in the oven. What a good guy you are to build your wife a nice WFO.