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My Banana bread is funny looking

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My Banana bread is funny looking

I just recently started baking and have made banana bread a few times using my wife's recipe.  It tastes good but it rises very high in the middle of the pan (5x9 pan).   What would cause the bread to rise so high in the middle?

Thank you


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Take a look at the second image on this page:

That's about right ....

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So why do they crack like that?  I was secretly hoping to find that out from this thread.  Specifically, I am baking an adaptation of a loaf cake recipe, where the original does not crack open and mine does.  It is okay like that, but I wondered what change it was that I made to cause it to happen.  *smile*


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Classic banana bread recipes rise high in the middle and have a nice crack along the top. This results from a combination of leavener (usually baking soda or baking powder), oven temperature, and placement in the oven. If you don't like the appearance reduce the leavener, lower the oven temp, and/or place the loaf on a lower rack. Then report back!


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Try slicing the center with a razor before baking to let the carbon dioxide escape without raising the bread.

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I appreciate the constructive ideas.  I am going to try the suggestions soon, thank you for your comments.