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Chestnut Flour & Fig recipe

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Chestnut Flour & Fig recipe


I was on holiday in France last week and the local baker does a daily special depending on how he feels and what he has available.

One day he produced a small loaf made with Chestnut Flour and Figs. He had snipped the top with scissors so that the spikes stood up. Would have a picture but didnt have my camera and it didnt last long anyway. I thought I could pick up a recipe back in UK off the internet but so far not found one with the combination of Chestnut Flour and Figs.

I am trying to pull a recipe together and the best I can come up with is PRs Celebration Bread recipe with a 20% substitution for Chestnut Flour plus figs.

Anyone already done this and care to share?



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Fresh figs or dried figs?

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In French there are some recipes around. Check it out and see which one tickles your fancy. I can help you translate your first choice, if necessary.

there is even a flour mix with figs and hazelnuts in it!

and this one looks more or less like what you describe, but does have spelt flour in it as well: