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SFBI Baking Videos

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SFBI Baking Videos

Curious to know if anyone has experience with the SFBI instructional videos.  They're not free but it looks like they have over 200 videos to choose from.  Seems like a good way to improve your skills without having to make the trip to San Francisco.





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Having taken many classes at SFBI, I know use these videos with my students. They love them because they are short and to the point.


Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE

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As Carlton said, the videos are "short and to the point." Each addresses a very specific skill, e.g., shaping a boule. The set includes videos on viennoiserie, cakes and chocolate as well as bread skills.

I think the videos are aimed primarily at instructors and culinary arts students, but they are of value to a home baker who already has basic knowledge and skills, I'd say. They are valuable to revisit from time to time. As your own skills develop, you will appreciate details in the videos you missed earlier. They are also useful as a reference to consult when you aren't sure you remember how to do something or other.