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Waving like a Fool!

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Waving like a Fool!

*waving like a fool*  Howdie Y'all!

I am Dad, the baker for my family.  No formal training, I "use the force" when cooking and most of the time have been properly guided by O-B-Chef-Can-O-Bee!  *giggle*

People ask if I am a professional, I reply, "No, just a Personal Chef for my family.

Oh, sure, I used to own a pizzaria for a while, but sold it as soon as my first born was...well, born.   Owning a restaurant is for people who dont like a family life; especially if they are micro managers...and that is me!  So... I traded in the fun of feeding people for the fun of rasing my Family; there is no comparision.  I'd rather see the beaming look of my Boys as the criossants come out of the oven, then the snarky smirk of Joe Public, the food critic who doesnt know how to make a scrambled egg.

Warmest Food Love to Y'all!

Dad...the baker  :DDD

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Back atcha, and welcome.  Give us some of your expertize.