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July "Taste-and-Tell" with Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers

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July "Taste-and-Tell" with Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers

Our next "Taste-and-Tell" event will be Saturday, July 30, at 6pm. To join the group and RSVP to the event, please visit us at

The "Taste-and-Tell" is a monthly event, to which each baker is required to bring his/her own freshly baked, yeasted bread. "Bread" in this context includes baguettes, boules, batards, pizza, focaccia, rolls, challah--in short, anything made by fermenting grain with yeast.

As always, for bread we suggest that you bring, for example, a new creation on which you would like feedback or something delicious you enjoy baking. We will sample each bread, ask questions, and learn. Bread "failures" are encouraged: they are often the best teachers.

Each month we introduce a topic related to baking bread with yeast. By "yeast" we refer to both wild yeast (present on the surface of grain and often cultivated as sourdough) and commercial yeast (e.g., the active dry yeast available at supermarkets, and the instant yeast often used by professional bakers).

Our Focus for July--Breads That Don't Need Slicing:

Summertime is picnic time. This "Taste-and-Tell" will take place out-of-doors, on the lawn, free of the trappings of chair and table, knife and cutting board. In tune with the carefree nature of the season, our focus for this month is likewise lighthearted. To this "Taste-and-Tell," we suggest you bring bread that can be torn or pulled apart with fingers; cut up with kitchen scissors; or eaten whole, out of the hand.


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Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers is a not-for-profit group of avid home bakers of yeasted, artisanal breads. We get together in-person to share our experiences and learn from one another. We strive to support and inspire those actively baking bread at home.


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