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Sponsors sought for "Homemade Bread Showcase"

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Sponsors sought for "Homemade Bread Showcase"

On July 13, Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers will hold the "Homemade Bread Showcase," a free-of-charge, all-ages event, part of Green Week in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood. (Download event flyer.)

Would your company like to sponsor this event? We are still seeking sponsors to provide:

  • A loan of tablecloths for the banquet tables.
  • A loan of 16 aprons or chefs' jackets, preferably matching or similar, to identify our bakers to the public. (Or a donation of $260, so we may purchase aprons.)
  • A large banner that we will hang in the large plate-glass window in the front of our venue, Las Manos Gallery, to identify and advertise the event to visitors and passers-by.
  • A donation of $35 to cover incidental expenses for the event such as name tags, napkins, masking tape, and the $10 application fee we paid to submit this event to Green Week organizers.
  • A donation of specialty grains and seeds, for Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers to bake into their breads.

We will advertise your sponsorship widely throughout Chicago. We will also list you as a sponsor on the publicly accessible page of our website. At the event, you would be welcome to advertise your business to the public. In addition, because this event is part of the second annual Andersonville Green Week, the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce will include the event in all of their Green Week promotional efforts, which will reach thousands of Chicago readers.

If you or your company would like to sponsor the "Homemade Bread Showcase," or for more information, please contact Jacqueline at j {at} designingmyday {dot} com.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


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Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers is a not-for-profit group of avid home bakers of yeasted, artisanal breads. We get together in-person to share our experiences and learn from one another. We strive to support and inspire those actively baking bread at home.


Our current sponsors:

Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers will be baking with locally grown, stone-ground whole wheat and cornmeal, bounteously donated to us by Urban Orchard, the organic produce market opening this August in Andersonville. The grain is being milled for us by Roger's Creek Grist Mill in Milledgeville, IL.


Gold'N Pear Catering will be refreshing event attendees' palates with a generous donation of their delicious iced tea and lemonade, inspired by seasonal ingredients.




The event would not be possible without Las Manos Gallery, who will be hosting the event in their gallery space. Thank you, Las Manos!