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Where in the world?

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Where in the world?


A few years back i was seriously thinking of moving to Australia when there bakery industry was big and they had a shortage of bakers,i hear bakers went there in the 1000's from the uk and now they dont have a shortage???

The reason im posting today is to get information on any other countries where bakers are sought after because im still interested in spreading my wings.Ive been a baker for 13 years in small shops and supermarkets so have a wide knowledge of that side of bread baking,any comments be appreciated. Thank you,Paul.

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Denver has a drought of artisan baking, I just don't know if there's the demand, something I find odd considering our proximity to America's bread basket.

We have the Costco "La Brea" machine with its thousands of La Brea loaves for very cheap (loaves that aren't half bad, either; in fact, a rather wonderful Pugleise loaf) and a couple of artisan bakeries, like Udi's and the Denver Bread Company, but none of these make what I consider exceptional bread. I find one of those two artisans to be embarassing, actually, but that's all I'd say on that point.

Good, but not great bakeries essentially, but then I'm comparing to Seattle and Portland (and my own oven), which have some really wonderful artisan bakeries.

The food culture here is expanding and Boulder, CO is nearby (foodie central), so maybe there's room for more.

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Zimbabwe, Belize, Ethiopia, to name only three.

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I dont think we have been over run by bakers here in Western Australia and there are always ads in the paper for bakers, especially the franchise hot bread shops. I do know that there are quite a few bakers being bought over from the Phillipines on special visa's, in fact there are a lot of tradesmen that are coming in from o/s

regards Derek


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Thank you for your comments.