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David Lebovitz baguette dilemma

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David Lebovitz baguette dilemma

Most of us who make our own bread would tend to  fall in and out of two camps - planning well and generally maintaining a pretty good production/consumption balance versus getting carried away testing or generally enjoying baking and letting that ratio get out of kilter.

Reading David Lebovitz's amusing blog post just now, I felt I wanted to share it with those who had yet to read it (and of course amongst the submitted comments more mirth) :


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Robyn, that was a fun read. Thanks for posting the link.


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Twenty-something years ago, we had a French exchange student stay with us. He said that his family usually consumed one baguette per person per meal. I asked him if his mother ever made pain perdu. He said he knew what that was, but there was never any bread left over. His father always finished whatever was left at the end of the meal.

BTW, I met his parents a couple of times on trips to Paris in subsequent years. Both were very trim and fit.

I don't know if the French consume less bread than they did 20 years ago, but otherwise, Lebovitz isn't keeping up with the neighbors.