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Simple mistake - I forgot the salt!

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Simple mistake - I forgot the salt!

I'm about and hour into the first rise of a loaf of bread that is about 30% WW. I just realized I forgot the salt. Do I have any recourse? Have you ever done this? Will I just wind up with really bland bread?  

Ayayay! Such a simple mistake. This is what I get for not following mise en place. 

Thanks for reading. :)

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Just Loafin

I'd pull the dough out and flatten a bit, sprinkle the salt over it, spritz with a water bottle lightly, and knead it for about 3 minutes by hand. Return to bulk for another 30-45 mins, then final shape and rise. Bake it. Should be fine. ; )

- Keith

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I've done that more than once, and I do the same thing. If it has not been rising wrong, I'll tear up the dough into chunks, throw it into the bread machine and let it knead for a short while - or do it by hand, it just depends what I have going on.

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This is why I now always do a 'Mis en Place'. This has saved a loaf or two since I started; when you're mostly done the mixing and see the little bowl of (salt, spice, whatever) still on the counter, you can catch the error sooner. 


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.... there's a case to be made to just try it without salt.

In central Italy, most of the bread people buy has no salt in it.  True, it takes getting used to, but it certainly lets you know how good the main ingredients are.

Also, if it's whole wheat, you should be able to taste the wheat more.

Finally, it gives a whole different feel/taste/experience to sandwiches, where you taste the filling more.

My 2 cents - let us know what you do and how it goes.

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Frequent Flyer

I did a similar thing last night.  I had made a biga and a soaker with whole wheat and just started the mixer to knead it.  Nevermind the need for half a dozen other ingredients.  I achieved a medium windowpane before I realized my blunder and added the rest of the ingredients and kneaded some more ----best loaves I've made in awhile.  That may become a new method for me....probably not.


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If I were in your situation, I'd do as Keith suggests and knead the salt in as soon as I discovered it.  You have nothing to lose, and you can consider this an experiment.

Surely your bread is done by now.  What did you do, and how did it turn out?