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New Baking and Cooking Channel

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New Baking and Cooking Channel

Hey all, I've been a professional baker for about 35 years and just started up a youtube channel to share my knowledge of the art of baking with you guys.  If you visit it by following this link  you can see my first video on how to make some delicious pecan dessert cups.  As I'm new to all this stuff I'd like you guys to tell me what you want to see and what I could improve on.  Also I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out by spreading the word and subscribing.  Thanks thats all for now!! 

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Those pecan cups look really yummy! I might have to give up the diet to try those.



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Nice job Julie.  I have a similar recipe that I use often.

Didn't see how the can of beans played into the process but, generally speaking, the video is well done and instructions easy to follow.

I'll put a link to your videos on my web page first chance I get.

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Yeah Thanks So much for watching, Make sure to spread the word it's all appreciated here. Bye the way the can of beans was just another thing that you could mold your cookie cups around, I just prefer dessert cups cause that makes a wider cup. Thanks so much! and if you want anything in particular to be taught on my show feel free to comment here or on my youtube channel.  Thanks a million!!

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If I were you I would focus.   Baking and Cooking are individually very broad and to combine them muddles what you are trying to do.   Choose one and do it well. 

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I visit your video then i am very happy to see the video then i will this dish at my house so if you have any other video relevant of food so i will wait your next eposode.

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Focus your efforts. Decide whether you want to do cooking or baking.

If baking, bump it up to the higher end. 35 years experience means you are no tyro, and people are more into higher end food than they have ever been. I would forget about "easy desert cups" and show puff pastry, pate a choux, etc.

If you want to show basics, I would show techniques. From how to clarify butter, to proper folding technique, to basic bain marie, etc. Another way to go may be a "culinary institute" route. Start easy with basic ingredients and methods then build on past lessons to build fancier and fancier desserts.

From a marketing view, cook in a chef's uniform.

Your sound issues may be fixed with an inexpensive headset that you can use to dub in the voice track in post-production