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Trouble getting dough to rise....

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Trouble getting dough to rise....


I am trying to back Portuguese Sweet Bread. I don't believe I kneaded it as long as I should have and now my dough is taking forever to rise. It's been set aside to rise for about 4 hours now. 

Can I take the dough and start kneading it again after it's been sitting for hours? 

I usually never pass the windowpane test with other doughs - but get close enough. This time around it seems like I should have waited until the kneading process was complete. I just want to know if I can start kneading again. 



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I wouldn't knead it too much. A dough that's been hydrated will already have pretty strong gluten development, and you probably don't want to risk breaking the gluten. Not to mention you'll be punching out a lot of the nice air you developed in the dough. 

Why is it taking so long to rise? New recipe? Old or insufficient yeast? Cold room temps?  Sweet & rich breads can handle a lot more yeast than lean breads. 

That said, 20-30 seconds in the mixer at speed 1 or 2 might not hurt it. If slow rising is the problem, consider adding a tiny bit more yeast (perhaps dissolved in 1 tbsp of water?) and knead it in to speed things along. It shouldn't take 4 hours for a sweet bread to go through its 1st fermentation.